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  • Strawberry


    Strawberries wear their seeds on the outside. An average strawberry contains about 200 small seeds on its surface. Strawberries are not really fruit. They are members of the rose family. Strawberries can reduce heart attack risk. Strawberries contain high levels… Read More ›

  • September 25


    1897: The opening of the first British bus service. 1918: Brazil declared war on Austria. 1955: The establishment of The Royal Jordanian Air Force. 1956: The first transatlantic telephone cable system began operation. 1981: Sandra Day O’Connor was sworn in… Read More ›

  • September 24


    1929: James Doolittle, an American aviation pioneer, became the first pilot to take off, fly and land an airplane using instruments alone. 1960: The launching of The Enterprise, the first nuclear powered aircraft carrier. 1970: The Soviet Luna 16 completed… Read More ›

  • September 23


    1846: German astronomer Johann Gottfried Galle discovered the planet Neptune. 1930: Flashbulbs were patented by Johannes Ostermeier. 1952: The first Pay Television sporting event took place. 1973: Former Argentine president Juan Perón returned to power. 1984: Nathan Jendrick, an American… Read More ›

  • September 22


    1792: The French Republic was proclaimed. 1903: Italo Marchiony was granted a patent for the ice cream cone. 1929: Communist and Nazi factions clashed in Berlin. 1949: The Soviet Union exploded its first atomic bomb successfully. 1960: Mali gained independence… Read More ›

  • September 21


    1941: The German Army cut off the Crimean Peninsula from the rest of the Soviet Union. 1949: The People’s Republic of China was proclaimed. 1964: Malta gained its independence from Great Britain. 1978: Two Soviet cosmonauts set a space endurance… Read More ›

  • September 20


    1519: Ferdinand Magellan embarked from Spain on a voyage to circumnavigate the world. 1870: Victor Emmanuel II, the first king of modern Italy, seized the Papal States from the French. 1952: Scientists confirmed that DNA holds hereditary data. 1977: Socialist… Read More ›

  • September 19


    1893: New Zealand became the first nation to grant women the right to vote. 1955: Argentina’s President Juan Peron was overthrown by rebels. 1957: The United States conducted its first underground nuclear test in the Nevada desert. 1982: Scott Fahlman… Read More ›

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